Be carefull! Internet fraud

Dear customers, friends! Recently, there has been an increase in the number of scams on Internet buying and selling sites. Fraudsters take money fraudulently from the cards of buyers and sellers. To avoid falling for their tricks, it is enough to know how they work, to be vigilant and to follow some simple rules:

Do not share your verification code! Never tell anyone your code for confirming the transaction on your card, which you receive in an SMS on your mobile phone! Once they have this code, fraudsters can take all the money from your card in a matter of minutes.

Do not send a picture of your card! To get the money for the goods, the buyer only needs to know your card number - 16 digits, and the expiry date of the card must be hidden!

Do not believe people who introduce themselves as bank employees! If a bank employee calls you, his number will be displayed on your phone. If the number is hidden or it is not the official number of the bank (bank phone numbers are always published on social networks and websites) - never give them your personal data and card details.

Share this information, protect yourself and your loved ones from fraudsters!

Last updated date: 15.09.2023 16:57