Ability to top up and make partial withdrawals


Deposit currency


Interest rate

up to 22 %

Deposit retention period

24 months

Minimum amount

100 000 UZS
Usefull to know
  • Deposit terms and conditions
  • At early closing
  • Documents required
Basic information

Deposit currency:

national currency (sum)

Interest rate:

at JOYDA - 22 %

at the bank's office - 21 %

Minimum amount:

from 100,000 (one hundred thousand) sums

Retention period:

24 months

Deposit replenishment:


Partial withdrawal:



not allowed

Interest accrual terms:

- interest is accrued daily and accumulated on the reserve account, and at the end of the month is transferred to the demand account

- interest accumulated on the reserve account can be withdrawn before the end of the current month

Security of investments

Deposits with attractive maturities and interest rates will allow you to receive a stable income and be confident in the future. Our line of bank deposits allows you to quickly choose a favourable deposit depending on your needs. Uzpromstroybank guarantees its depositors observance of bank secrecy, as well as timely return of funds. Safety of your investments is provided by the Fund of Guaranteeing Deposits of Citizens in Banks, according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 5 April 2002 No. 360-II "On Guarantees of Protection of Deposits of Citizens in Banks". Your income from deposits is not subject to taxation.

Interest rate at early closing

Upon early closure of the deposit, the accrued interest is not refunded, but is automatically added to the principal amount of the deposit.


Deposit offer agreement


Information sheet


Interest rate


Foreign currency deposit with a maximum maturity of 24 months


Interest rate

23 %

A deposit that will help you save and grow your money savings

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