Home renovation on credit

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Loan amount

200 million sums

Interest rate

31 %

Term of loan

up to 10 years

Down payment

0 sum
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Documents required
  • Passport or ID card

  • Repair estimate

  • Independent valuation of the property 

  • Cadastral passport of the property

The loan is granted to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan aged between 18 and 60 with official employment.

Methods of loan repayment


Send to number 2500

At the bank

In bank offices

From card

Via JOYDA mobile application

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What's the purpose of the

This application has an introductory function to determine the creditworthiness of the payer and is not an offer contract. By completing the application, you will receive a preliminary decision from the bank on the issue of the mortgage.

Usefull to know
  • Loan terms and conditions
  • Requirements for the borrower
  • Documents required
Basic information

Purpose of the loan:

home renovation

Interest rate of the loan:

32% (under the salary project - 31%)

Maximum loan amount:

up to 200 million sums

Payment Schedule:

annuity or differentiated method (at the client's request)

Loan term:

up to 10 years

Free period:

up to 3 months

Method of loan disbursement:

to the card of the borrower / contractor / building materials shop



  • the borrower is a resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan who has reached the age of 18 but is not older than 60 on the day of application;
  • a stable source of income from work, rural or individual entrepreneurship, and other legal and confirmed sources of income sufficient to repay the interest and principal of the loan on time and according to the payment schedule

  • passport or other identity document. A copy of the passport is also required if the borrower is a serviceman;
  • information on income/electronic data (these can also be obtained through the bank's online service);
  • cadastral passport for the housing to be repaired and documents confirming ownership of the housing;
  • a plan and estimate of the planned repair works;
  • a report on the market value of the dwelling from an independent appraisal organisation;
  • contracts with repair contractors and/or suppliers of building materials (if necessary).
  • Other documents mentioned in the legislation may be required.

  • Last updated date: 11.06.2024 14:53